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As a child and into my adult years, I was severely overweight. It wasn’t until my husband and I had our third child and I was taken over by intense postpartum depression, that I decided I had to take something into my own hands. I needed to feel a sense of control over some area of my life. Having gained 60lbs during my 3 back to back pregnancies, the answer seemed obvious. I had to lose weight and take care of my health. Not just for me, but for my family as well. I jumped right in, and focused on moving my body and eating right. The process was long, and it took years to lose the weight. Fast forward to today, and although I have lost weight, I have gained more mental clarity and comfort in my own skin than I ever could have imagined. Movement saved me. It cleared my mind and allowed me to be free. 

The dedication and discipline I developed for my health propelled me into wanting to help others achieve the same. Through group fitness classes, Personal Training and nutrition support, I help people each and every day  come one step closer to meeting their health and wellness goals. I have a clear understanding of the efforts in which it takes to achieve your goals, and can empathize with women and men alike while standing by and providing support in nutrition, movement and recovery. 

Welcome to my page, I am so excited to have you here. Let’s work together to get you to your health and fitness goals. 

– A


  • CanfitPro Certified Personal Trainer
  • CanfitPro Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach
  • CanfitPro Children’s Fitness Coach
  • CanfitPro Fascia, Movement and Assessment certification
  • POUND Pro
  • POUND Unplugged Pro
  • Generation POUND Pro
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